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Florida Concealed Weapons Permit renewal information.

The FL CCW is valid for a term of 7 years. It must be renewed with the FDACS, by submitting a renewal request along with a current photo and fees. If you live outside the State of Florida you must provide new fingerprints at renewal time. This is ONLY if you live outside the State of Florida. The renewal fee is higher for out of State licensees as a result. You must pay for the fingerprint card processing.

The FDACS will mail a renewal application to your address of record 95 days prior to your expiration date. The earliest you can renew is 90 days before your expiration date. You can also

You may renew an expired permit for up to 180 DAYS past the expiration date. There is a $15 Late Fee in addition to the renewal fee. If your license is expired for more than 180 days then you will be required to apply again for a new permit and you will need to submit all the documents and fees again. The FDACS will not use info, training, fingerprints, photos, etc… from a previous application.

The cost for renewal is $45 payable to The Division of Licensing and it gets mailed to: Division of Licensing P.O. Box 6387 Tallahassee, FL 32314-6387

You can contact the FDACS at (850) 245-5691 – if it I busy, try back again – due to high demand for the FL CCW and the current environment with COVID, it can be very difficult to get a hold of the FDACS.

You can renew in person at a regional office and also on their website by uploading a current passport photo and making an online payment. Out of State residents will still need fingerprints.

If you live outside the State of FL then you must provide an additional $42 for fingerprint processing making the total $87 payable to the Division of Licensing. You can send a check or a money order.

You can avoid the COVID issues or using the State’s online service if you prefer to renew by mail. This can be the best method for many people. If you do not have a renewal application to send in, you can use a document printing service to obtain one. You can Renew Here