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The Florida Concealed Weapons Permit application information

The FL CCW application process can take up to 90 days. If you are active duty military personnel, then your application will be expedited by the FDACS when it is processed. The submission processes available are the same for everyone, so if you are Active Duty Military, a Veteran, or Law Enforcement OR you qualify for any of the fee discounts – you still follow the same application process.

If you live in the State of FL or if you live outside the State of Florida – the application is the same. Any legal U.S. resident can apply for the FL CCW permit. There is not a different permit OR application based on your location. Some other States do issue non-resident permits, however FL does not. The Florida Concealed Weapons Permit is available to ALL qualifying U.S. Residents.

What are the steps?

  • 1 You must complete the application.
    • You can do so in person at a FDACS regional office OR at an authorized FL tax collector’s office. **COVID RESTRICTIONS** ALL IN PERSON APPLICATIONS MUST BE DONE BY APPOINTMENT
    • You can apply by mail and avoid a lot of the COVID related hassles, waits, lines, and appointments. If you live outside FL then this is probably you best option.
    • You can apply online directly with the FDACS on their website, and you will need to be able to upload your photo and documentation from your device to the FDACS website. You will need to make an appointment to go in person for fingerprinting.
    • You can contact the FDACS by calling (850) 245-5691 ** If it is busy, keep on trying. Due to covid and the increased interest in FL CCW permits – the FDACS is difficult to get a hold of.
  • 2 You must provide the following items along with the application.
    • Current Passport Type Color Photo
    • Fingerprint Card – must be completed by law enforcement
    • Proof of competency with a firearm (this is your gun training certificate) OR a dd-214 for veterans or proof of Active Duty
    • You must provide a resident address (no PO boxes) OR proof of Active Duty
    • You must pay the application, fingerprint processing, and background search fee totaling $97 by check or money order sent with your application. ** discounted for FL Law Enforcement
  • 3 You must wait – once you submit your application to the FDACS, they have 90 days to process it and provide a response. The current average time is 55 days to obtain your permit.
    • If there are errors, omissions, illegible fingerprints, or any other issues it will prolong the application process.
    • Once approved the FDACS will mail your license to the address submitted on the application. If you are not approved, you will receive a letter explaining why and any corrective action if available.
    • You can check the status of an already submitted application here

An easy online application service can help reduce errors and thus wait times by assisting you to apply by mail. It is the easiest process we have found. Simply fill out the information and they send you a completed ready to sign application along with instructions, a fingerprint card, and an envelope to send everything to the FDACS with.